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Having performed over 2000 ceremonies for Non-SA citizens, we fully understand ALL the legalities, procedures and documentation required to officiate and immediately receive your abridged marriage certificate.

Marriage Officer: Rates for 2018

Our Ceremony Fee includes all aspects to prepare, officiate, and submit your documentation:

  • Pre-wedding appointment to discuss your special day requirement. The style of ceremony is entirely your choice.
  • Wedding ceremony and legal signing of marriage register. ** Immediately receive your certificate **
  • Administration, preparation and submit all documentation for registration at SA Home Affairs.


Contact us to help with any questions / get a quote / or book your special day. We’ll be delighted to have a chat.

***We are not licensed to officiate same-sex marriages.


The benefit of an ANC (Ante Nuptial Contract)?
Both parties have financial independence and may enter into business transactions without the consent of the other as both are regarded as two separate entities for legal purposes.
This can be done anytime prior your wedding ceremony.

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Cape Town & Western Cape

Dirk & Lorraine Miller: 072-460-1950 | 082-781-9510

Email: dirk@marriage-officers.co.za

Pretoria, Johannesburg & Gauteng

Paul Sheasby: 074-637-0713

Email: paul@marriage-officers.co.za

Durban, Pietermaritzburg & Kwazulu Natal

Reg Courtney: 083-792-7177

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