Documents Needed

Documents  Needed

Documents Needed. Having performed over 1000 ceremonies for Non-SA citizens, we understand all the legalities, procedures and documentation required to officiate your wedding. Immediately receive your marriage certificate.

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We’ve created this easy questionnaire that will provide you with a personal checklist about the info and documents that are required. It is free, and will take you 5 minutes.

The information required by SA Home Affairs are listed below. We interact daily with SA Home Affairs, and are updated about changes as they happen. The information below is a guideline, and can change without notice.

Documents Required From SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS

  • Certified copies of SA ID book/card of both Bride and Groom. SA passports of SA citizens are not accepted.
    In the case of the new SA ID Smart card – a copy of the front and the back of the card is required.
  • 3 ID photos each of Bride and Groom.
  • Certified copies of ID book/card of two witnesses as well as their telephone numbers .
  • If Divorced – a certified copy of Final Divorce Decree .
  • If widowed – a certified copy of Death Certificate of deceased spouse .
  • If marrying Out of Community of Property, a Letter from your Lawyer confirming your ANC (Ante Nuptial Contract).

Documents Required From ALL FOREIGN CITIZENS

ALL international documents must be originals, with Apostilles & where applicable, officially translated in English

  • Certified copy of Passport.
  • Certified copy of valid customs entry stamp OR Refugee Papers / Permanent residence certificate.
  • If never married – an original Letter of Non Impediment from your home country with Apostille. (UK citizens exempted but an Affidavit confirming single marital status has to be produced) .
  • Should your country not issue letters of Non-Impediment, an official Affidavit from your authorities to this effect is to be produced as well as a personal Affidavit declaring single marital status .
  • If Divorced – the original copy of Final Divorce Decree (court stamp clearly legible), and Affidavit confirming that no marriage has been entered into since the date of divorce .
  • If widowed – the original Death Certificate of deceased spouse as well as an Affidavit confirming that no marriage has been entered into since the death of spouse.
  • 3 ID photos each of Bride and Bridegroom
  • DHA-31 Affidavit declaring that the foreigner is not in possession of a SA ID document [we will prepare this document for you to sign before ourselves as Commissioner of Oaths]
  • Certified copies of ID documents of two witnesses as well as their contact number. Foreigners may sign as witness in which case, a copy of their valid passport as well as the customs entry stamp is required.


Procedures to be followed

  • In the above case couples must be interviewed by an Immigrations officer for purpose of determining that the marriage is not one of convenience.
  • This interview has to take place before the date of your marriage.
  • All relevant original documents as stipulated in section B.1-6 have to be submitted personally to immigration officer when making application for your interview.
  • A referral letter which we will draft and email to you is also required .
  • Couples both residing outside of SA, Home Affairs require you to enter the country at least 7-10 working days before the marriage and submit your documents to allow enough time for verifying all international documents with the embassy concerned as well as verifying the entry/visa stamp of non-SA citizens with customs. After such interview the report will be issued which we require to attach to our documentation for submission to SA Home Affairs.


  • We may not make the appointment on the couple’s behalf.
  • Original documents must be handed in at SA Home Affairs. SA Home Affairs do not accept emailed documents.
  • Foreign citizens possessing a green non-SA citizen ID document are regarded as SA citizens for purpose of marriage.
  • This interview is NOT necessary for marriages between two non-SA citizens.

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